I've always had a huge interest in sports and Sports Journalism. The Kansas City Chiefs are my home team and I enjoy watching them play, keeping up with the team and giving my uneducated opinion on how they can play better. : ) --2013 Featured Photo Provided by Pexels


Valentine’s Shmalentines- Opinion Story

In this piece I wrote about how overrated I believe Valentine's Day is. Writing this piece about something I felt strongly about was extremely easy. --2013 Featured Photo Provided by Pexels

#TurnUp- Feature Story

This was my first newspaper story. I felt very strongly about this topic so it was easy to write. I got a lot of opinions on this piece and most students enjoyed being informed and educated on the topic. --2013 Featured Photo Provided by Pexels

The Link- News Story

I wrote this piece on the construction being done on our school at the time. This spread, story and infographic won many Missouri Journalism awards. --2014 Featured Photo taken from Flikr Creative Commons

Roarin’ Rage Cage- Feature Story

School spirit was something else I feel strongly about. At this time, football season had just begun and our student section just was not up to par. I wrote this story about my own opinion including other students' on how to spice up our spirit, and it worked! --2014 Featured Photo Provided by Rachel Moore... Continue Reading →

Take 3- Opinion & Page Design

This was an opinion piece I wrote about my top three favorite concert venues in Kansas City. I attend a lot of concerts so this was one of my favorite reviews to write. I won a PHS Journalism class award for the design of this page voted by our classmates. --2013 Featured Photo Provided by... Continue Reading →

Up In Smoke- Page Design

This was a newspaper page I designed relating to a story by Kyle Vanice about the rise of popularity of E-Cigarettes and Hookah pens. I also won a PHS Journalism class award for this page voted by the students. --2013 Featured Photo Provided by Pexels

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