KC Restaurants- Take 1

So recently, my boyfriend Jordon and I came to the conclusion that we are fed up with eating the same crappy food all the time and spending hours (yes, I said hours) arguing about where we are going to eat. A few days later I was shown the “Kansas City Eats” Facebook forum by a coworker. This is an open forum where Kansas Citians post about their favorite local restaurants, new places they’re trying and ask for suggestions. It’s HUGE. Apparently the one thing these crazy people love more than eating is to post about it on Facebook. Anyone can join including locals, owners and employees of local restaurants or self-proclaimed food critics like myself. If you fall into one or all of those categories, click here…. Kansas City Eats & you’re welcome. ; )

A few days after joining the page and scrolling through thousands of posts about what the natives are eating for each and every meal, I formed a brilliant idea; Why not post in the forum and ask where everyone’s favorite restaurants are? Brilliant, I know. Well, the response I received was insane. Anyone and everyone who saw the post were commenting where they love to eat. In fact, people are still commenting and that was a week ago.

I took those responses and created a list of the places I had not tried. Being the OCD Queen that I am, I also researched each restaurant and added its location and what type of food they serve to the list. I then felt the responsibility to share my detailed list on the forum for everyone to use as well. #NotAllHeroesWearCapes. This week, Jordon & I went a tad overboard and tried four new restaurants. Each week I plan to post what restaurants we tried and our extremely valued opinions. So here ya go…

Cleaver & Cork- Gastropub, located at the Power & Light District

  • 3 out of 5 stars- We ate here Sunday night for Restaurant Week and other than it being a total ghost town in there, we enjoyed it. My filet was terrific but Jo’s fish was dry. They specialize in ‘farm to table’ so the menu is interesting and always changing.

Yard House- American food, located at the Legends Outlets

  • 3.5 out of 5 stars- This one is tough. Their crab dip, oh my god. I could’ve eaten that delicious dip for my entire meal. I had a burger which was average & Jo wasn’t too impressed either.

McCoy’s Public House- American food, located in Westport

  • 4 out of 5 stars- We ate here for lunch and my mac & cheese along with his fish & chips were both awesome. Since we didn’t get to try their dinner menu, I had to be stingy with a five star rating.

Beer Kitchen- American food, located in Westport

  • 5 out of 5 stars- HOLY SMOKES. I am so not a breakfast type of person, but we ate there today for brunch, and wowza. Biscuits & gravy, great. Dutch Baby apple pancakes, delish.


Featured Photo Provided by Rachel Moore Photography


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