The Time is Now

So recently I’ve discovered that I’m not getting any younger and life is moving very quickly. A lot of opportunities have presented themselves within the last few months and for some reason I’ve been more likely to take them than in the past. I’m not sure if it’s the whole graduating high school thing but I’ve realized that you never know how much time you’ll have left so I might as well make the most of it.

Spending time with my family has become one of the most important things in my life. Again, I’m not getting any younger but neither are the people around me, unfortunately. In past years I’ve had many excuses to get out of family time and I regret wasting those memories on something that most likely wasn’t nearly as important. I’ve also had many excuses to avoid certain family members who I don’t get along with the best and the time has come to grow up & move on. Why waste precious time holding grudges when that time could be gone at any second?

Along with spending time with family and mending relationships, I’ve planned to spend my summer volunteering with a woman who raises kittens! (I mean c’mon how awesome does that sound) With my new obsession with saving cats I think this just might do the trick. She is an amazing woman who adopts out kittens once they’re ready to leave the nest. Everyone should check out her page!

Something else I’d like to do with my summer is travel. I haven’t been able to do much so I figure it’s now or never! I’m very interested in exploring and learning about how other people in different places live their lives and maybe not be stuck in Kansas City for the rest of my life. If anyone has any suggestions of places to go please let me know! So far I’ve felt very accomplished and that’s a great feeling. I’m excited for this change of mind in my life and hope for the best!

“Life moves fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Featured Photo Provided by Pexels


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